Main areas of interest

Medical & Wellbeing

Healthy lifestyle projects. These are both prevention and diagnosis, as well as assistance.
In short, all projects that help to live a healthier and longer life.


Projekty zaměřující se na oblast vody. Analýza, zpracování, a úprava. Jde nám především o to zajistit kvalitní vodu pro další generace a šetřit ní, jak jen to jde.

Consumer Products

Projekty zaměřené na vývoj, výrobu a prodej produktů a výrobků pro lidi. Jde nám o to UDRŽITELNĚ vyrábět kvalitní produkty, které fungují, lidé se na ně mohou spolehnout.


Projekty zaměřené na udržitelnost. Znovupoužití toho co už máme, případně technologie které pomáhají zdroje a materiály šetřit. Také projekty, které nahrazují tradiční materiály a zdroje za udržitelnější varianty.

Food & Nutrition

Projekty zaměřené na jídlo, výživu, doplňky stravy. Jsme to co jíme, proto se zaměřujeme na diagnostiku a pomoc ve výživě.

AI & Digital

Digitální projekty, aplikace, projekty využívající umělé inteligence. Hledáme možnosti, jak pomocí digitálních technologií pomoci v reálném světě.

Focused on meaningfulness

All our projects are focused on the main areas in human life. We choose products and projects that make life better, more sustainable and create value for people and nature.
We mainly focus on the B2C segment. We prefer to deal with and for people rather than with companies.
All projects give us purpose and the joy of work on them.
David Krobot
CEO & Co-Owner

About us:

Do you believe your idea or startup can succeed in the world but need help?

Projects within DAMINCo portfolio

Natural cosmetics

LOBEY is a brand of natural cosmetics that really works thanks to active ingredients with clinically proven effect.


A.K.A. Degrate It. Products for people made of decomposable plastics. Plastics are a great construction material, but lately they’ve also become more and more of a problem. We’re working on products for everyday use made from plastics that decompose in nature.


That’s kombucha 2.0. Unlike kombucha, our products do not contain caffeine. On the contrary, they contain even larger amounts of live probiotic bacteria, enzymes and health-giving acids than kombucha.

Quality fishing gear

Products you can rely on. Not only they are functional, but they last forever. Compared to off-the-shelf products, you can focus on fishing and not worry about something not working as it should.

DAMINCo Innovation Hub

A place where we can help you get your business off the ground. With us, you’ll not only get the finance, but also the senior management to help your business grow.

What phase are you in?

I have an idea

Especially for people or groups of people with unique product know-how, who believe that their technology or idea has potential, but cannot implement it themselves. Product is important, but business development is key for success.

  • We only accept few ideas at present time
  • Must have global potential
  • We require your full commitment to project and time allocation
  • We can provide budget for idea validation
  • We require direct company management
  • Highest risk
  • Highest share required. Usually majority


Are you a start-up company that is confident but feels that a strategic partner at the beginning can be a significant help? Are you looking for someone to help you so you can focus on your area?

  • DAMINCo Group’s main area of investment
  • Must have global potential
  • Financial investment assessed individually
  • Control over the company management and strategic planning
  • Possibility of cooperation on a trial basis
  • Company share more than 20%

Do you believe your idea or startup can succeed in the world but need help?