Helping ideas and startups to become successful

With us, you can get not only finance, but more importantly, senior management who know how to manage and scale the company.

We want to help companies and ideas at the hardest stage, and that’s at the beginning. Because what fails at the beginning is hard to manage and catch up later. We’re looking for ideas with global potential..

About us:

DAMINCo is more than investor

You can You get a partner who provides finance, know-how, resources, people and much more.

Overall company management

We can help with the overall company management. From development of strategic plans to management and execution.

Financial management

Money is the beginning and the end of everything. Do you have the right product pricing? Can you calculate margin, costs, cashflow and more? We can.

Product development

Having product to sell and relevant customer. This is the task of product development. Who is the customer, the competition and why should they buy our product?

People & team

It won’t work without people. We know how to recruit, hire, motivate and lead a team so that the company grows.

Marketing & sales

It’s not just about paid advertising, it’s about strategically developing sales and marketing to make money and grow sales every month.

Legal, Taxes, Ops

Other required knowledge and departments. It doesn’t matter if we have to deal with legal, production, quality or anything else. We always have somewhere to draw from.

Do you believe your idea or startup can succeed in the world but need help?

To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed.Execution is worth millions.
– Steve Jobs –

This is exactly the task we have decided to help selected ideas and startups with.

A good idea is just the beginning. Having most areas in the company in order is crucial for the success of the company.

We own successful companies with a turnover of 125 million in the Czech Republic alone and experience in many companies and industries. We want to invest our capital and senior leadership experience in promising ideas and startups within European Region.

We have experience in many areas like Automotive, B2B, B2C online, Medical, Consumer and Digital products Development, Consumer goods, B2C consumer.

How to start with us?

Are you looking for an investor, mentor and someone to physically help you get your company up and running in the early days?

DAMINCo is more than an investor. We will provide not only the finance, but also the people and the know-how to run and grow the company.

Do you have a good idea or a startup?

Then write to us. If we evaluate you as fit, we will get in touch soon and provide description of next steps.

Next step is in person

Tailor-made meeting
At the following meeting, we will meet in person to discuss the options so that we can clarify expectations and propose the best possible form of cooperation for both parties.

Grow together
If we agree you will get a partner with the finance, know-how and resources needed to grow your business. As with any other investment, we will take a stake in the company, but unlike other investors, we will actively work with you in the company from the start.

Check what projects we already have in our portfolio

Who are we looking for?

We want to help companies and ideas at the hardest stage, and that’s at the beginning. Because what fails at the beginning is hard to manage and catch up later. We’re looking for ideas with global potential.
David Krobot
CEO and Co-Owner

Main areas of interest

Medical & Wellbeing

Healthy lifestyle projects. These are both prevention and diagnosis, as well as assistance.
In short, all projects that help to live a healthier and longer life.


Projects focusing on water. Analysis, processing, and treatment. Our main concern is to ensure quality water for future generations and to conserve it as much as possible.

Consumer Products

Projects aimed at developing, manufacturing and selling consumer products for people. We are looking for SUSTAINABLE production of quality products that work.


Reusing what we already have, or technologies that help save resources and materials. Also replacement of traditional materials and resources.

Food & Nutrition

Projects focused on food, nutrition, dietary supplements. We are what we eat, so we focus on diagnostics and nutritional support.

AI & Digital

Digital projects, applications, projects using artificial intelligence. We look for ways to use digital technologies to help in the real world.

Every company is different, yet the same

The most important thing for me is perfect financial management. Understanding how much I spend and will spend each month. What the turnover and profitability will be. This is one foundation of cashflow management. Financial management is one of the most important, but also the most overlooked part of a business. That’s why lack of cash is also one of the top 5 reasons why startups fail.
David Krobot
COO a Co-Founder

What phase are you in?

I have an idea

Especially for people or groups of people with unique product know-how, who believe that their technology or idea has potential, but cannot implement it themselves. Product is important, but business development is key for success.

  • We only accept few ideas at present time
  • Must have global potential
  • We require your full commitment to project and time allocation
  • We can provide budget for idea validation
  • We require direct company management
  • Highest risk
  • Highest share required. Usually majority


Are you a start-up company that is confident but feels that a strategic partner at the beginning can be a significant help? Are you looking for someone to help you so you can focus on your area?

  • DAMINCo Group’s main area of investment
  • Must have global potential
  • Financial investment assessed individually
  • Control over the company management and strategic planning
  • Possibility of cooperation on a trial basis
  • Company share more than 20%

Do you believe your idea or startup can succeed in the world but need help?